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Since 2005, BEES SAS offers secured internet services and websites (the “Sites”), easy to use and respectful towards its clients. The Sites are the property of BEES SAS, with a capital of €60,000, registered at the trade and company register of Lyon under the number 481 865 137, whose headquarters are located 29 Rue St Simon, 69009 Lyon, France.

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Respecting personal data protection

Respecting your personal data protection is important to us. For more information on our policy regarding data protection, please see our personal data protection policy and our cookies policy.

General warning

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Respect of the regulations

The Sites are set up by BEES SAS whose headquarters are located in France. The internet users who have access to sites of other countries than France have to ensure the compliance of the locally applicable laws.

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Respect of propriety and brand rights

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